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Joyce D. Jones is the  daughter of the late Superintendent Elder Bedell Sanders, and Dorothy Blair. Pastor Jones is also the wife and partner in ministry of Bishop Dr. Sylvester V. Jones. She is also the mother of two sons, Justin and Robert.

Pastor Jones has a rich heritage in the Pentecostal experience, starting with the internationally known Church of God In Christ. Later, the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW), Jesus Christ Apostolic Churches (JCAC), and True Pentecostal Assemblies Worldwide, Inc. (TPAW). With that body, she was a recipient of the Holy Spirit at the early age of 12. While with  COGIC , she made many accomplishments in the area of music on the state level in Oklahoma, being selected as Ms. Music ( four consecutive years). This  unique experience of singing and worshiping landed her on the grounds to work on the national level under the auspices of the renowned, late Matty Moss Clarke.

Her love for music and the word continued to grow until she left home to attend Central State University in Edmond, Oklahoma. While in college, the Lord led her to the revelation of the baptism in Jesus' name at the First Deliverance Temple (Oklahoma City) pastored by Bishop Dr. Vanuel C. Little. Serving faithfully with choirs and a host of community projects... organizing  youth groups, Pastor Joyce met a young and energetic brother...Minister Sylvester Jones. It was love at first sight that culminated in a marriage union for 31 years to date.

Pastor Jones' motivation in the word and music continueed as she moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma and worked with her husband under the pastorship of the late, Honorable District Elder W. H. Black. While there, Pastor Jones served as the Choir Director, Youth Pastor, Sunday School teacher, Outreach chairman, Church Ways and Means co-chair...every facet of church work the Lord would call. While at Grace Apostolic Temple, she had the occassion to work with Bro. James Abney (former Minister of Music for the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World) to help bring that choir to National recognition. Not fully knowing that the Lord was preparing both she and her husband to move to Florida, it happened as God planned. Finding their way to Rockledge, Florida, Pastor Jones co-founded the now Greater Blessed Assurance Apostolic Temple Church. Here, the Lord has blessed her to work along side her husband establishing a variety of community projects for the Lord including a Homeless/Transitional  shelter, Community Food Distribution Service, Career Development Center, and a school (K-12). Not only did Pastor  work inside the church but outside too, working as a Learning Lab Coordinator with Brevard Community College for nearly 10 years.

Pastor Jones was ordained an Evangelist by  the Jesus Christ Apostolic Churches, under the auspices of  Bishop Jeremiah Reed in Des Moines, Iowa. By  1988,  an she  was elevated to the office of Pastor in 2003.